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Watch Cyclone Vardah topple this parked Maruti Swift, Bus – Video

It has been a little over a year since heavy rains lashed the city of Chennai. Today, it has been once again lashed with heavy rains, with wind speeds of up to 140 kmph.

Cyclone Vardah has brought the worst memories back to life from last year. The cyclone attacked the coast of Chennai at about 3 PM with wind speeds of up to 140 kmph. With the government evacuating over 9,000 people from the coastal region before the cyclone hit Chennai, there still have been casualties. At the time of reporting, 2 people have already died due to the cyclone.

Schools, offices, institutions, traffic all have come to a standstill. People have been ordered to stay indoors as the heavy rains are expected to continue for the next few hours. The effect of Cyclone Vardah on the city of Chennai can be seen in this video below, which shows a Maruti Swift being toppled by the wind.

Due to flooded roads, there have been reports of roads caving in. Most long stretches are functioning as continuous fords with commuters treading along at their careful best. No doubt with the ground quickly slipping below one’s feet and no scope of traction, moving along at snail’s pace is the only way to get by. And, even that may not work.

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