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DAB Electric Motorcycle Concept-E Debuts With 110 Kms Range

DAB Electric Motorcycle Concept
DAB Electric Motorcycle Concept-E. Image- BikeExif

A production version of the DAB Concept-E is yet very distant and not likely to reach outside France

With the automotive world racing towards electric mobility, we often get to witness some path-breaking designs and innovations in this space. DAB Concept-E is one such electric motorcycle that stands out distinctly due to its off-beat design. The concept is a result of an effort from French motorcycle manufacturer DAB Motors.

The brand already has a repertoire of creating some really attractive custom motorcycles and DAB Concept-E is no different. The Concept-E electric bike is the company’s first venture into EV space and has adopted a minimalist design approach. Recently, a prototype of the upcoming electric motorcycle went online which revealed some of its crucial details.


DAB Electric Motorcycle Concept-E has been designed with inputs from the Outercraft design studio and has been able to combine futuristic design and easy performance for commuting duties. The design looks elegant and fresh thanks to the carbon fiber bodywork employed.

The bike’s frame and swingarm have been designed in such a way that all wiring has been housed within the body panels away from the naked eye, thus resulting in giving it a clean look. The overall design of the bike is an amalgam of a modern roadster and supermoto.

DAB Electric Motorcycle Concept-E
DAB Electric Motorcycle Concept-E


The motorcycle has been kitted with a slew of premium features including a pair of bespoke suspension units from Ohlins. Braking is handled by CNC machined Beringer calipers made of aluminium on both front and rear wheels. It is unclear if ABS is part of the safety package. Golden-coloured inverted front forks and a full carbon-fiber swingarm are some other styling highlights.

An LED speedometer console has been mounted at the front while a slim LED headlight has been placed below a flat-track-inspired board. Since the chassis has been made of carbon fibre components, it is extremely nimble which enhances its overall handling performance.


Coming to its specifications, DAB Concept-E has been installed with a 10 kW (13.4 bhp) electric motor which draws energy from a 51.8 V lithium-ion battery pack. While exact output and performance figures aren’t available as of now, the company claims it to be comparable to 125cc petrol-powered motorcycles. This makes the bike accessible to both experienced as well as novice riders. Range claimed is up to 110 kms. Top speed is 105 kmph.

Further, to maximise throttle response and smoothen feedback on the motorcycle, a Gates belt drive has been equipped with aluminum machined pulleys. The bike is still in its concept stage and it will be interesting to see how many of the premium components actually make it to the production-spec model. DAB has no plans to make a production version of this electric motorcycle available outside France.

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