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Dad films his 5 yr old son doing a burnout, now being investigated by Police – Video

The Australian dad regrets sharing this video, but it’s too late as he is being investigated by child protection officers.

When dad Alex Dobson allowed his son Riley to perform a burnout on his car, little did he realize the consequences he would face. Dobson senior is now being investigated by child protection officers for allowing and filming his five-year-old son smoking up the tyres of his vehicle.

The video clip has amassed over five million views and 30,000 shares and is at the centre of a controversy as to how a father could put his young son through such a risk. The incident took place in the Dobson’s private driveway in Queenstown and the family car stands seized by the authorities as on date while investigations are underway.

Dobson is being investigated for questionable parenting even as Riley seems to have enjoyed pulling off this stunt judging from his childlike smiles in the video. Riley is seen doing the burnouts in his dad’s sportscar while he is soon engulfed in smoke.

Even as Dobson has captioned the clip – “When your five-year-old says… Dad, can I do a burnout? Sure son, no worries. Remember a car addiction stops a drug addiction. Private driveway”, he also boasts that his son is well versed behind the wheel. Dobson states that Riley can start a car, maneuver it around and has control over the accelerator and brake pedal. In an interview on Australia’s Nine News, Dobson confirms that though he regrets his decision to share the video he would never put his child’s life at risk.

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