Daihatsu Kopen, Deca Deca, FC Deco Deck and more at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Daihatsu_Deca_Deca (1)
With performance of an open-top sports car, Kopen has outer body panels made from resin can be exchanged like a cover, and drivers can enjoy different designs based on a single framework. Daihatsu showcased 2 of these designs at the motor show.

Daihatsu Deca Deca with super space fits in as much space in it, akin to a view from the front seats of a van, and larger interior utility space. It’s for energetic young people and families who enjoy outdoor pursuits during the weekend, and is friendly for active seniors too.


FC Deco Deck is a zero-emission next gen mobility vehicle equipped with a unique precious metal-free liquid fuel cell system developed by Daihatsu. The company also exhibited 2 types of generators based on the same fuel cell system: FC-Dock 20C and the FC-Dock 5C. Tanto Welcome Seat, a welfare vehicle scheduled for
release based on the new Tanto is also being shown.