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Daimler and Kuka for worker and robot cooperatiion at Mercedes Benz


In order to boost productivity and quality within its manufacturing facilities, Daimler has incorporated robots for work in its manufacturing facilities. Daimler and KUKA AG have signed a strategic agreement for use of robotics in facilities. It also focuses on implementing a healthy human-robot work atmosphere which will benefit the brand greatly.

Mercedes Benz is the first car manufacturer to make use of light weight robots for manufacturing and production of its series models. These lightweight robots were developed for use in outer space by a German company. Innovative technologies used in these robots make it easy for them to grasp and handle items with ease. During manufacturing process they act as a third hand making it easier and efficient to pursue the manufacturing process.

In vehicle screw application and assembly are the two regions which are being targeted for seamless integration of robotics. KUKA and Mercedes Benz have been associated with each other from 2009 and with the help of these lightweight robots, the brand has been able to manufacture of 500,000 rear axle gearboxes till date.


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