Daimler BharatBenz light duty truck production gets underway at Oragadam Plant

In a bid to increase their portfolio in domestic markets in India, Daimler will soon produce light duty trucks from their facility at Oragadam, a plant which was inaugurated in April this year and built at an investment of Rs.4,400 crores. Daimler recently launched three heavy duty trucks under BharatBenz which included 2523R, 3123R for haulage segment and 2523C for construction segment.

The light duty trucks will be in a 9 and 12 tonne rigid and 12 tonne construction segment and will be based on the Fuso Canter platform. These light duty truck range will possess four valves per cylinder with 140 hp and 170 hp engines and will be soon released into markets. These trucks have been tested under stringent conditions and also offer a 10% increase in fuel efficiency as compared to their existing models.

Daimler’s Oragadam plant near Chennai is spread over an area of 400 acres. It offers employment to 1,400 people and it includes a modern test track designed to simulate Indian conditions – making it one of its kind in Asia. Daimler is also in the process of increasing its dealerships across the country and soon they will have 17 dealerships across 42 locations in the first phase of expansion by end of this year which is expected to increase to 104 by 2013.

India auto news release: Daimler starts production of BharatBenz Light-duty (LDT) trucks

Oragadam plant set to manufacture 9 and 12 tonne LDT trucks
LDT range to be India’s most fuel efficient trucks in the segment
LDT range to offer quicker turnaround time
Chennai: Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (DICV), the 100% Indian subsidiary of the world’s No. 1 truck manufacturer Daimler AG, today announced the start of production of its 9 tonne Rigid, 12 tonne Rigid & 12 tonne Construction BharatBenz LDT (Light-Duty Truck) range at its manufacturing plant in Oragadam.

Further to the market launch of three heavy duty trucks recently — 2523R and 3123R for the haulage segment and 2523C for the construction segment – BharatBenz will soon be ready with its offering in the light duty segment that are based on the Fuso Canter Platform.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Marc Llistosella, Managing Director & CEO, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, said: “We are well on track with our growth strategies and will have a good product mix for the customers. With fuel prices soaring, customers will want trucks that are more fuel efficient, reliable and robust. BharatBenz LDT range will offer quicker turnaround time and the lowest total cost of ownership. In the coming months, we will strategically release our products in the market that will include LDT and HDT range.

The Light-Duty range of BharatBenz trucks are based on FUSO Canter, a well-renowned brand of Daimler, based out of Japan. A front-runner in the Light-Duty trucks, these trucks form the backbone of the transport industry in most of Asia. The Canter is also well-known in India through its presence on Indian roads owing to its association with other brands. The BharatBenz range of Light-Duty trucks has been vigorously tested under the severest of Indian conditions and will provide the Indian trucker a reliable solution for his needs.

The Oragadam manufacturing plant has a capacity of 36,000 units (HDT & LDT together) and has already begun production of the BharatBenz Heavy-Duty range. This plant is one of the most important facilities in the Daimler Group that manufactures critical parts like Engine, Axles and Suspension in-House. The LDT features a four-Valve per cylinder, 140 HP and 170 HP engines. The trucks offer a minimum of 10% more fuel efficiency in comparison to existing products in the market.

The state-of the-art Oragadam manufacturing plant was inaugurated on April 18, 2012. BharatBenz products are tailor-made for the Indian market and have achieved 85% localization. In the first phase, BharatBenz trucks will be sold and serviced over a network of 17 dealerships, and will cover 42 locations by end of 2012. By 2013, state-of-the-art BharatBenz dealerships will be located in 108 locations across the country.