Daimler IT Shared Service Center opened in Bangalore

The new Daimler IT Center in Bangalore is part of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development Center India which draws attention to expansion of global presence, improvement of global performance and enhancing skills at Shared Service Centers.

Daimler IT Shared Service Center opened in Bangalore  (2)Daimler is developing and expanding IT related facilities in both India and Turkey and honed in on Bangalore due to the city being the IT capital of the country. The new SAP Shared Service Centers will work in unison with company’s global IT strategy, while Daimler will concentrate on enhancing their IT department to include stronger teams with concentration on a host of skills, know-how and foreign cultures.

Over 70% of SAP activities will be conducted at these centers in India and Turkey wherein India will concentrate of offering support to English speaking regions while Turkey will focus on German speaking countries. By this sharing of synergies, Daimler IT will be able to promote best practice exchange.

Daimler CIO, Dr. Michael Gorriz commented at the press conference: “We are transferring our expert knowledge to MBRDI,which in turn further develops our own specific know-how and expertise, back into our own organization as a global support. In the future there will be fewer external entities involved, but instead, a powerful organization will be in place through our global IT structure.”

The decision to locate the Global Service Center in Bangalore was based on the availability of a highly educated and skilled IT-workforce. “We are very proud that the new Shared Service Center will be located here in Bangalore. India is an important growth market for Daimler. By bringing new highly-skilled jobs to India, we underline our commitment and confidence to the abilities of the country,” said Dr. Jens Cattarius, Managing Director and CEO of MBRDI.

Daimler IT Shared Service Center opened in Bangalore  (1)