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Daimler unveils four new BharatBenz trucks for India

The new models from DICV will be for domestic markets while they will also be exported to emerging markets as per company sources. The three tractor trailer models include BharatBenz 4023, 4028 and 4928 besides a construction mining model – 3128. Launched in Mumbai today, the trucks will also be exported to fifteen countries which will also include Kenya, Tanzania and Malaysia.

4023 is a 4x2x40 tonne tractor trailer powered by a 6.4 liter BSIII compliant engine offering a total of 230 hp peak power and 810 Nm peak torque. It is mated to a 9 speed gearbox and comes with standard ABS. The other three models – 4928, 4028 and 3128 are all powered by a 6.4 liter, 6 cylinder engine offering 280 hp peak power and 1100 Nm peak torque while being mated to the same 9 speed gearbox. ABS is again offered on 4928 and 4028 while 3128 receives hub reduction axles with inter wheel and inter axle differential lock systems. No prices were announced. For more details, you can scan through the updates from our LIVE coverage of the Daimler truck launch.

Excerpts from the LIVE launch event

#DICV #BharatBenz sold 7,500 trucks since launch in 2012, without offering any discount.

#DICV #BharatBenz has an established network of 75 state of the art facilities in India

With today’s launches included, #DICV #BharatBenz will now cover segments from 9 – 49 tonnes

All 4 models that are launched today, will be available at their dealerships from today itself #DICV #BharatBenz

#DICV #BharatBenz CEO says that they have raised the bar in trucking in India, fulfilling promise they made 2 years ago shows, Bharatbenz commitment to India

India is in a slowdown it has not experienced in 10 years #DICV #BharatBenz

Industrial output/manufacturing is low, Negative trade balance us magnifying problem further in India #DICV #BharatBenz

Fuel prices us heavily subsidised, Exchange rate weak, Interest rates high, Rupee depreciates, All this weakens sentiment further – #DICV #BharatBenz

Some of the problems are homemade – #DICV #BharatBenz

Unfavourable tax policies, Political paralysis, Coal blocks on hold (It takes years to clear up), Stagnation – #DICV #BharatBenz

Major truck discounts are being offered by competitors to increase sales, we dont offer any – #DICV #BharatBenz

even then, we are 4th placed currently in the industry, within 15 months sold 7500 trucks #DICV #BharatBenz

Next truck launch in April 2014 – #DICV #BharatBenz

#DICV #BharatBenz #truckonomics – Competitors now have stock of 50,000 trucks due to slow down. we only 2 weeks

By 2018 50,000 trucks will be produced by #DICV #BharatBenz #truckonomics

#DICV #BharatBenz #truckonomics – Only 1 of dicv competitors is making profits, the others are selling in discount and incurring losses, and screwing with reselling value

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