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Daimler provides employees with a way for work-life balance

In order to improve sales and service, employees need to be concentrated and focused on a particular job at hand. In today’s world there are a number of factors which tend to get in the way of fruitful development within a company. Results revealed by Daimler with respect to this scenario showed that there are many employees who along with their work have to manage their home life style too.

Daimler has made it a point to make sure that its employees are happy with their work life by maintaining an appropriate balance between career and family lives. This feature has however, been implemented for the leadership category of employees and Daimler hopes with due diligence it can be implemented for all groups of employees.

In order to make sure employees have a balanced career and family life, Daimler has made available features which shutdown inboxes of those employees who are on vacation thereby giving them privacy and time off when required.

Prioritizing of tasks and taking a break from daily work life are some of the features which have been implements for an overall Life Balance. To help parents take care of their children when they report for work, Daimler has opened over 470 childcare places and hopes to increase that number to 570 by 2014. Through this program, Daimler aims at helping employees reconcile with their work and family lives in a balanced way.


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Sagar Patel

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