Dark Knight Rises team captured on sets with Batmobile and Batcycle (Photos & Video)

Batmobile and Batcycle are the vehicles used by legendary Gotham city hero, Batman from DC Comics. Not only these vehicles are extremely safe, they are equally dangerous as well. Batmobile looks nothing close to a car, in fact its a tank while the Batcycle looks like a motorcycle with tires of a Formula One car.

Christopher Nolan is currently shooting last part of his Batman trilogy, Dark Knight Rises in New York City. Thanks to FilmFreak237, we have a spied HD video from behind the scenes of The Dark Knight Rises. In the video, we are clearly able to see Batmobile and Batcycle in their best avatar. One can also see Anne Hathway playing the role of Catwoman to purrfection! Anne looking perfect in her sexy leather Catwoman suit is seen riding the Batcycle in style.

Anne Hathaway, 29 looks svelte in her tight black outfit thanks to her well toned physique on which she has been working hard to keep in shape prior to playing the role of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. Labeling the Catsuit as unforgiving, Anne had to work on her diet and since she is vegetarian lived on kale during the training for the new Batman movie. Throughout the movie, Anne Hathaway is seen in her stunning black leather cat suit as she resurrects the role which was once played by Michelle Pfeifer about 20 years ago.

Features of Batmobile are, Bat-ray, fire extinguisher, Batcomputer, Batswitch, navigation scope, access to police wireless band, Batphone, Bat-photoscope, voice controls, missiles, explosives, bullet-proof glass, tire inflator, and much more. Though DC Comics called Batman’s motorcycle Batcycle,  in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy it is called as Batpod. Features of Batpod include single cylinder water-cooled engine, shoulder steered, 20″ wide tires, explosives, etc.


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