DARPA stealth motorcycles for Special Forces – SilentHawk and Nightmare

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), Pentagon’s defense research wing, has unveiled two stealth motorcycle prototypes that were developed to be used by the US Army’s Special Forces. The DARPA stealth motorcycles were developed as a part of a challenge put forth last year.

Logo Technologies’ SilentHawk and LSA Autonomy’s Nightmare adopt multi-fuel electric hybrid powertrain with two-wheel drive.

DARPA stealth motorcycles SilentHawk
The SileentHawk can achieve a top speed of 80 mph (129 kmph).

An electric motor is in charge of propulsion in both cases. The IC engines which play the role of range extenders are designed to run on pretty much anything including the JP-8, Jet A-1, petrol, propane, diesel or even kerosene. Both projects have been granted second phase of funding for further revision.

The DARPA stealth motorcycles are designed to emit not more than 55 decibels of sound (equivalent to an indoor conversation) when operated in the pure electric mode. The adversaries won’t see the Green Berets coming for them until it’s too late. The go-anywhere combat motorcycles are excepted to augment the Special Forces’ capabilities when it comes to unconventional warfare.

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The SilentHawk has 7.5 KW power and has a silent operation range of 60 miles while the Nightmare generates 13 KW of power and is claimed to have 2 hours of silent operation. The duo has an identical top speed of 80 mph (around 129 kmph). Other specs are closely guarded. The final versions of these two motorcycles are expected to have improved specifications.

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