Datsun Go will not be getting ABS & Airbags in South Africa

ABS and Airbags have been expected to be introduced in Datsun Go hatchback ever since Global NCAP proved the car’s safety worth in their controlled crash test, which is not pretty. Even the newly launched (in India) Datsun Go+ MPV was expected to feature both systems in high-end variant, but the company announced only driver-side Airbag to be available in top-end option model, which is not listed in the website.

Datsun Go hatchback
Upon contacting Datsun officials in South Africa, it has become clear that there has never been any plan to add ABS and Airbag to Go hatchback at all.
Datsun SA responded saying “Not sure where this material has emanated from, but would consider this to be mere speculation”.

Datsun Go hatchback was launched in South Africa in October 2014, and so far it is the only product from the Japanese brand there. It is manufactured in Renault-Nissan Alliance’s Chennai plant and sent as CBU (Completely Built Unit).

In India, the small car has been selling low (around 900 units per month) since its launch, despite its fresh appeal and appreciable value-for-money factor. Ever since Global NCAP broke the news of its poor crash worthiness, sales have slumped. In December 2014, the car managed to sell only 455 units.