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Datsun India calls Maruti WagonR useless on social media

As news of the stolen blue Maruti Suzuki WagonR belonging to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal hit headlines, Twitter was flooded with reactions. Datsun India took the opportunity to target Maruti Suzuki with a tweet on its official Twitter page which read “Sorry for your loss, sir. It’s time to shift to a real Aam Aadmi Car. Car Lao, Be-Car Nahi”. This was followed by a shot from the new redi-GO TVC with a caption “Car, Yes, Be-Car (Useless), No”.

Though mocked as a useless car, Maruti WagonR has been one of the best selling car of India for quite some time. Sales of WagonR are much higher than that of all Datsun India cars put together.

The blue Maruti Suzuki WagonR, which has been called the AAPMobile as it has been used by Aam Admi Party members, has stood the CM in good stead throughout his campaigning. This vehicle was used while Kejriwal was campaigning for the post of CM which he won in January 2014.

It was a proof of his Aam Aadmi credentials as he refused to use a government car even after assuming office. The WagonR was currently being used by AAP media coordinator Vandana Singh when it was stolen from the Secretariat on the 12th of October. The WagonR was later found abandoned in Ghaziabad, near Delhi, while investigations are on to identify the thief from CCTV footage.

Datsun redi-GO which competes with both the Maruti Suzuki Alto and WagonR, features in a new TVC wherein, though, there is no direct attack by Datsun, the message is loud and clear. The new Datsun TVC featuring Vinay Pathak as Narendra Modi, mocks the WagonR as a useless car.

This is not the first time Datsun has mocked Maruti cars. When they first launched their car, that time too the same was done. TV stars Ayushman Khurana and Alok Nath, popular actors from the Indian Television industry, were featured in the TVC where they can be seen looking scornfully at two Maruti vehicles, belittling them in terms of luggage space, looks, and engine with its ‘Nayi Parampara’ theme.

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