Datsun Go+ MPV to be followed by redi-Go micro SUV in 2016

Following which the Japanese automaker is keen on launching their yet another niche product, redi-Go micro SUV, sooner than original schedule of 2017.

Datsun redi-GO
With the launch of new products, Nissan is aiming to acquire 10 percent market share in India by 2016.
Datsun is far from getting noticed in the Indian market, which they are working on fixing. According to Vincent Cobee, Corporate Vice-President & Global Head of Datsun, the company has been studying the market with Go hatchback in the past 10 months, which has made them confident to advance the launch of their third product. Datsun redi-Go crossover can be expected to launch by mid-2016.

Meanwhile, Datsun is working on doubling its dealership network from 158 in the next two years. The company is targeting smaller towns and fringes of bigger cities where their cars are more suited, while larger and more prominent cities are left for Nissan to market. Hence Datsun will focus on establishing touch points (roughly 70 to 80 percent of entire distribution) in those regions.