Datsun redi-Go shorter, lighter than Renault Kwid

The Datsun redi-Go is based on the same CMF-A platform as the Renault Kwid but the cars have significant differences in dimensions, thanks to the platform’s flexibility. Talking to Autocar Professional, Gerard Detourbet, managing director, Alliance A-Segment Development Unit (2ASDU), RNTBCI, revealed that the redi-Go is shorter in length and lighter than the Kwid.

The Datsun small car is 9% shorter than its French sibling. The former measures 3,430 mm in length while the latter is 3,679 mm long. Despite the shorter length, the redi-Go has a longer wheelbase at 2,430 mm. The soon-to-be-launched budget hatchback also has the best-in-class ground clearance of 185 mm.

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The redi-Go is 9% shorter in length than the Kwid but at 1,540 mm, it’s taller than its French sibling by 62 mm.

The Renault Kwid itself has an extremely light kerb weight of around 660 kg and the top official revealed that the redi-Go is about 25 kg lighter. The engineers have apparently found a way to reduce the usage of metal where it’s not necessary. The weight loss is expected to make the Japanese small car more fuel efficient and dynamic than the Kwid. Mr. Detourbet assures that the redi-Go will have the highest mileage in its segment.

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Though both cars use several shared components like seats, the similarities inside the cabin are not apparent.

The same 800 cc three-cylinder petrol motor that powers the Kwid is under the redi-Go’s hood but the exact power and torque figures would be revealed at the launch. On board the Kwid, the motor puts out 54 PS and 72 Nm of torque.


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