David Coulthard at Red Bull F1 Showrun in Hyderabad (Photo feature)

David Coulthard at the wheel of the Red Bull F1 car accelerated to speeds of 282 kmph leaving onlookers screaming in delight. The Red Bull F1 Showrun saw Coulthard drive the F1 car across the Tank Bund Road and go twice round Hussain Sagar Lake during which he showcased all that Red Bull F1 was capable of.

Qutb Shahi Tombs Red Bull Hyderabad
Red Bull Hyderabad at Qutb Shahi Tombs
Red Bull F1 Showrun was attended by actor Nagarjuna, and son Naga Chaitanya. Stunt biker Aras Gibieza enthralled attendees. Infiniti Red Bull Racing has taken the car to many locations across the globe, right from icy Quebec, Canada, beaches of Santo Domingo, and to London. In each of these cities the car’s prowess has been demonstrated which was also what spectators in Hyderabad got to witness at Red Bull F1 Showrun,

This was Coulthard’s second visit to India and he was welcomed by audience. The F1 team has set earlier records in India while tackling the highest motorable road in Khardung-la, Kashmir in 2011 while Daniels Ricciardo drove the F 1 car across the boulevard in Rajpath in Delhi. In 2009 Coulthard has also taken the F1 car for a drive on the Sea Link in Mumbai while the latest Red Bull F1 Showrun in Hyderabad has added one more notable event for the team here.

Lithuanian freestyle stunt biker Aras Gibieza performed an inaugural feat. Film star Nagarjuna flagged off the F1 car. After the stipulated laps, Coulthard waved the Indian flag. Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL 8 player Varun Aaron came by, and so did CS Santosh, the only India to have competed and completed Dakar.