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David Jenkins and Brian Burt to race for Team Tata Technologies, T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship


Tata Technologies focuses on the manufacturing industry, and supports clients through engineering services and IT processes. Tata Technologies operates by integrating local expertise with 9 global delivery centres in Detroit (USA), Coventry (UK), Pune & Bangalore (India), Stuttgart (Germany), Bangkok (Thailand) and Brasov, Craiova & Iasi (Romania). The international headquarters is located in Singapore.

Team Tata Technologies participating in Tata Motors’ T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship sees David Jenkins (#69) and Brian Burt (#70) as its 2 racing truck drivers tomorrow at BIC. David Jenkins is the 2011 BTRA Division 1 Champion. Born in 1975, he was introduced to racing trucks since aged 9 when his father raced in the British Championship. His teen years were spent driving racing carts and grand prix midgets. He took over his father’s MAC race truck in 1997 and the racing truck journey has been ongoing ever since.

T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship


Brian Burt is the 2013 BTRA Division 2 Runner-up. Born in 1959, he runs a vehicle tuning business, and began racing in bangers and Hot Rods, with great success for 15 years. He shifted to truck racing in in 2002 and has now raced for 11 years, competing successfully in both the British and French Championships.

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“Big trucks on the highways are part of everyday life in India”, said Patrick McGoldrick, CEO and Managing Director of Tata Technologies. “Racing super charged versions of these trucks on an F1 track is a bold and brilliant experiment. I can’t wait so see these massive behemoths compete against each other. The Tata Technologies Motors Sports team is ready with the goal to win. Please join us at the race. It should be great fun.”


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