David McAllister – Prime Minister of Lower Saxony pays a visit to Bentley’s Crewe headquarters

Bentley Headquarters at Crewe, Cheshire, England was visited by David McAllister – Prime Minister of Lower Saxony. He was received by Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors. McAllister, who has his roots in Scotland though raised and brought up in Germany is also a member of the Group Supervisory Board.

He met with member of the board, was taken on a grand tour around the company plant and offered in-depth knowledge of various intricacies of manufacturing process that goes on at the plant. McAllister was fascinated with the tour of the factory where he got to see the high level of skill and craftsmanship that is put into the manufacture of each Bentley vehicle. Lower Saxony is also home to Volkswagen AG.

Bentley cars are well known throughout the world and one of the main products of Volkswagen Group and this had lead to close affinity between Cheshire and Lower Saxony. In June this year, Bentley Motors celebrated 175th anniversary of Crewe which has been home to the luxury car manufacturer since 1946. To mark this event the company provided £10,000 for local charitable projects nominated by its associates.


Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive, today welcomed David McAllister, Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, to Bentley’s Crewe headquarters.

The German State of Lower Saxony is home to Volkswagen AG and is a major shareholder of the Volkswagen Group. As Prime Minister of the State, Mr McAllister – who has a Scottish father, but was born and raised in Germany – is a member of the Group Supervisory Board. During his visit to Crewe, Mr McAllister met Members of Bentley’s Board to find out more about the company and discuss the links between the regions of Lower Saxony and Cheshire. He then undertook a tour of the factory and met colleagues to understand the highly skilled manufacturing process that takes place in Crewe.

Mr McAllister said:

“Bentley cars are world renowned and one of the pinnacle products within the Volkswagen Group. I have thoroughly enjoyed my tour of the factory. It was fascinating to see the incredible level of skill and craftsmanship that goes into each car. There are already close links between Cheshire and Lower Saxony, not least in the very positive relationship between Volkswagen and Bentley. There is a significant exchange of ideas and people and I am looking forward to helping build an even stronger relationship which I believe would be beneficial to both regions.”

Dr Schreiber, Bentley’s Chairman and Chief Executive said:

“It is a great honour to welcome Mr McAllister to Crewe. Bentley is unique in that all of our cars are designed, engineered and produced here so it has been a great opportunity to demonstrate how the investment made by our German parent has helped deliver such success to an outstanding British marque.”