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Dealer crashes customer’s Celerio AMT into Vitara Brezza inside service center

The reason a customer visits service center, is to get the product fixed, not to get it damaged even further. This is exactly what happened with a Maruti Celerio AMT owner in Mumbai recently.

The Celerio AMT was making some creeping sounds while it was being driven at slow speeds. This resulted in the owner taking the car to a nearby Maruti dealership. After explaining the problem to the service head, the owner of this Celerio AMT went inside the waiting area as he was told that the problem will be fixed in 30 minutes.

He had just gone inside the waiting area, and there was a loud thud sound which perplexed everyone around. When people went out to check what had happened, it was revealed that a mechanic who had taken the Celerio AMT for a test, had banged it into a parked Vitara Brezza inside the service center premises.

What we fail to understand is the fact that why did the mechanic drive the car so fast inside the premises, this in spite the owner telling that the creeping sound comes at slow speeds. Due to this silly mistake, not only two customer cars are damaged, but someone could have gotten injured as well. The dealer has told the respective customers that he will fix the cars free of cost.

Surprisingly this is not the first time such an incident has occurred. A few years ago, there was a similar case reported by a VW Jetta owner had filed. The owner had accused KSM Motors of crashing his Jetta sedan head on, while it was given for regular servicing. The car belonged to OWS Freight Systems Pvt. Ltd., whose Deirector, Vineet Sharma, is traumatized even further by the manner in which the entire episode was handled by Volkswagen India officials.

According to Vineet, he had sent the Jetta for regular servicing to Volkswagen India authorized service center, KSM Motors in Navi Mumbai. Vineet was told that the Jetta would be ready to be serviced and delivered in 3 days. On the evening of deliver, Vineet was told that while on test, his car suffered minor damage due to the negligence of Volkswagen service engineer.

When Vineet was shown images of his car, he was shocked, as this was not a minor accident, but a major head on accident, which according to Vineet, might have severely injured or killed someone.

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