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More details of Delhi odd-even rule revealed; CNG vehicles exempted

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has formally announced more details of the much debated Delhi odd-even rule of road rationing. According to the rule which will be implemented for a period of 15 days from January 1 on a trial basis, vehicles with odd registration plates can ply within Delhi only on odd days and even numbered vehicles can ply only on even dates.

Road users who are violating this rule would be fined INR 2,000. The rule, if enforced properly, has the potential to keep several lakhs of cars off Delhi roads on any given day which could lead to significant reduction in vehicular pollution. The Delhi CM announced that the transport corporation will operate more buses to accommodate people who turn to public transport. He also encouraged commuters to embrace car pooling.

If the Delhi odd-even rule proves to be effective in curbing pollution, it may be extended beyond the 15 day period.

Mr. Kejriwal also announced the classes of vehicles that are exempted from the Delhi odd-even rule. All CNG-powered vehicles can ply any given day provided they are certified. Also exempted from this rule are two wheelers, Electric and hybrid vehicles, vehicles driven by women with only women passengers or children below 12 years of age, vehicles driven by physically challenged, vehicles destined to hospital for medical emergency (proof required), emergency vehicles (Fire service, Ambulance, hospital and prison vans, hearse, enforcement vehicles, etc), and vehicles used by the president, vice president, PM, CJI, speaker and deputy speaker of Lok Sabha, deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha, governors of states and Lt. governors.

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It’s to be noted that all other central and state government officials and ministers including Delhi CM himself are not exempted from the rule.

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