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Maruti Suzuki Chairman not happy with Delhi odd-even rule

Maruti Suzuki Chairman not happy with Delhi odd-even rule

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL), Chairman, RC Bhargava has slammed the Delhi Government for the introduction of the Odd Even Scheme.

Introduction of Delhi’s Odd-Even rule to bring pollution levels down has not found favor with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd Chairman, RC Bhargava. Such rules are not really helpful in reducing pollution.

Referring to the Government plan to curb pollution, Bhargava draws attention to the report issued by Indian Institute of technology – Delhi, which cites the location of Delhi being in close proximity to the desert while pollution is also the result of the industrial smoke.

Padma Bhushan R C Bhargava

Padma Bhushan R C Bhargava

Cars only contribute 2 percent to Delhi’s pollution. Criticizing the rule, Bhargava puts into focus the fact that the there are over 5.5 million two-wheelers in Delhi which are exempted from the ban, even though they emit more pollution. In addition to this, the older diesel vehicles are also not being banned, which spew 5.5 times more pollutants than BS IV compliant cars.

Delhi’s Odd-Even Scheme has come under attack from various fronts with the Members of Parliament also alleging that the new traffic scheme has caused more inconvenience than it has reduced pollution.

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Delhi Govt has introduced a new odd-even rule which will result in the reduction of number of private cars on Delhi roads, and in turn reduction of pollution and traffic jams.

Many argue that the rule at least reduces vehicle traffic from city roads by 50%. In reality, that is also not true. Those from affluent sections of society, own multiple cars and thus easily get around the odd-even rule. The salaried upper class would opt for the use of a taxi instead. Those car owners in the lower classes of the society, would use their two-wheelers instead, thus causing more pollution.

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  • Absolutely true! Why are cars not being tested for their fitness instead. This OddEven is nothing else than a chance to autorickshaw guys to rob openly and thus generating a vote bank from them. Not long in future Delhi is going to become the next Bihar while Bihar might become a better place with their strict ban of alcohol. Happy Fools Day on ODD days and Happy Kejriwal Day on EVEN to all DELHITES. HAHA!

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