Despatch Riders inspired custom Royal Enfield priced from Rs 2.24 lakhs (Update)

UPDATE – 8th July 2015

After announcing the new Despatch Riders inspired Royal Enfield Motorcycles in May earlier this year, today the company revealed the price of these exclusive motorcycles. Price of Royal Enfield Despatch starts from Rs 2.24 lakhs, on-road, Mumbai. To be sold only via Royal Enfield online store, the sale will commence from 15th July.

Royal Enfield Despatch Edition
Royal Enfield Despatch Riders Edition will be offered in three colours – Desert Storm Despatch, Squadron Blue Despatch and Battle Green Despatch. Only 200 units of each will be on offer, while the last option is only for export market. Photo – ARAVINDUJA MOTORS

28th May 2015

Motorcycle despatch riders played an important role during World War I and II. Their job was to carry messages to ground forces who were in the front, from the headquarters.

Royal Enfield Despatch Riders

Often, the distance between the headquarters to ground forces was a lot. This meant that despatch riders had to ride for long hours, sometimes for days and nights together, without proper rest. The motorcycles used by these riders were mostly from Royal Enfield (at that time a British company), because of their reliability and ruggedness.

Even today, Royal Enfield (now an Indian company) is known for their ruggedness and reliability. To celebrate the spirit of despatch riders, the company has launched three new special edition custom motorcycles (but only two will be on offer in India).

The one’s which are on offer in India are – Desert Storm Despatch and Squadron Blue Despatch, while the third one, which is solely for the export markets, is Battle Green Despatch. All three motorcycles will get stealthy non-reflective paint job with a camouflage pattern, Royal Enfield logo on the fuel tank, genuine Italian leather seats, classic leather buckle strap which will hold the air filter box, matte black paint on the engine, exhaust and silencer.

Royal Enfield Despatch Riders

Based on Classic 350 or Classic 500, only 200 units of each colour are on offer, and you can book these only via their online store at from 15th July 2015. Price has not been revealed.

Complementing these new custom motorcycles, Royal Enfield has also launched a new range of apparels, clothing, jackets and shoes, all inspired from the despatch riders.

Royal Enfield Despatch Riders

The new Despatch Riders inspired Royal Enfield motorcycles and gear collection was announced at the launch of their new flagship store in Khan Market, New Delhi.