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Detel Easy moped launched at Rs 20k – Cheapest electric two wheeler

The electric moped has a top-speed of 25 kmph and does not required registration or license

Let’s talk about Detel, the consumer electronic firm before we proceed to their latest foray into the burgeoning world of e-mobility. Founded in 2017, the brand describes itself as a value-for-money startup that manufactures affordable electronic gadgets.

Detel seems to be fascinated by the tag ‘the world’s most economical’ as evident from its world’s most economical feature phone priced at INR 299, the world’s most economical LED TV at INR 3,999, and now, the world’s most economical electric two wheeler at INR 19,999.

Detel Easy

The Detel Easy is a low-cost electric moped that has one primary objective – to be affordable to buy and run. The compact electric urban runabout prefers function over form. The company says that the Easy moped is characterized by low maintenance, quick charging and an easy-to-use product.

Targeting ‘teenagers and people to wish to travel short distances or run errands’, the Detel Easy is powered by a hub-munted 250 W electric motor. With a top-speed of 25 kmph, one doesn’t require driving license or vehicle registration to ride this moped.

Detel Easy

Supported by a 48V 12 Ah Lithium iron phosphate battery pack, the Detel Easy has a claimed range of 60 km under ideal conditions. The battery takes 6-7 hours to achieve full charge through a regular power socket. The company is offering a free helmet with the purchase of its moped.

The skinny step-through features circular headlamp, a compact foot board which also houses the battery pack, a single piece saddle and a narrow pillion seat complete with backrest. The front telescopic fork is related more to mountain bicycles than a scooter. The Detel Easy is also equipped with pedals, so if you ran out of charge, you can still find your way home without too much trouble.

Apart from the cheapest price tag, salient features include steering mounted front turn indicators, alloy wheels, drum brakes and a front-mounted luggage basket.

How to buy one?

The Detel Easy is being sold online at www.detel-india.com for private buyers. Resellers, trade partners and people ordering in bulk can buy the moped on www.b2badda.com, an online e-distribution platform. The company has not revealed any details about aftersales service operations.

The electric two wheeler is available in three color options – Pearl White, Jet Black and Metallic Red. The Easy is pitched as a much more affordable alternative to similar electric mopeds such as the Gemopai Miso and Saathi Electric.

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