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Detel Easy Plus Electric Two Wheeler Showcased – Launch In April 2021

Detel Easy Plus Electric Two Wheeler
Detel Easy Plus Electric Two Wheeler

Detel Easy Plus showcased before launch in April 2021

Detel Easy Plus has been unveiled at India Auto Show 2021. The company intends to launch the ‘World’s Most Economical’ electric vehicle for B2C segment in April 2021. The larger goal is to gain a toehold in tier 2 and 3 markets.

In gaining identity in the EV space, 2020 saw the brand launch Detel Easy, which the brand terms a price efficient electric two-wheeler. Detel Easy Plus is an opportunity to reach potential customer pools, and strengthen company foothold in a niche product market. Product goals are outlined as a perfect balance between price and modern needs of the Indian customers.

Detel Easy Plus colours

The company says, Detel Easy Plus will be the best fit for Indian roads in this price range. And is available in four colours – Yellow, Red, Teal Blue and Royal Blue. For now all eyes are on the prospects of what a well round EV industry in India could look like. With draft laws and polices still being revised, it’s a long game of wait and watch at present.

A common pattern in the auto industry is the abundance of electric scooters, and last mile connectivity vehicles. Though small in size, this space is already competitive when one looks at the sheer number of manufacturers participating. Another area where big investments are being made are public transport procurements. More specifically, electric bus fleets for public transportation.

Detel Easy Plus Electric Two Wheeler
Detel Easy Plus Electric Two Wheeler

Electric vehicle market in India

E-commerce logistics too proves to be a great environment of transition. Plans are afoot to introduce a commercial e-vehicle, Detel Easy Loader by 2021 end. Small loaders being the backbone of delivery businesses are much in demand.

And projected demand for deliveries continues to steady the sails of e-commerce. Furthermore, a range of customisation options for product specific delivery optimisation has ensured development in loader segments.

In addition, since these are large operated within city premises, managing an electric fleet can easily be optimised to meet charging and running ops in a cost effective manner.

Dr. Yogesh Bhatia, Founder, Detel said “We have been putting all the efforts to fuel the Electric Vehicles revolution in India. This auto show provided us the best stage to showcase the stunning creations of Detel’s genetics. By supporting the Delhi government’s initiative on Switch Delhi campaign, we have taken a step ahead to boost EV adoption by expanding its product portfolio in order to raise the awareness of EV adoption and help combat the air pollution.”

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