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Dev Anand upgraded from a black Hillman Minx to an olive green Triumph convertible


Dev Anand, can never be forgotten in his British Hillman Minx black car that was perfect when serenading his leading lady, Kalpana Kartik in the 1954 film, Taxi Driver. Such was the popularity f the Hillman minx made in Britain that is a popular vehicle of choice as a taxi in Bombay until the 1970’s.

Apart from being a central point in the film, Dev Anand used the British Hillman Minx black car for his visits to Kalpana Karthink. Typical to the old school charm of yesteryears, the vehicle was fitted with a musical horn that signaled his lady love.

Soon, it was time to bid the Minx goodbye, and move to a more ‘noticeable’ car for an actor of his status in those days. The romantic returned to the Showroom where the Minx had been purchased, and fell in love with an olive green Triumph, needless to say, a flashier convertible.

Apart from being an upgrade in terms of vehicle specifications, Dev Anand’s olive green Triumph, convertible boasted of a lover’s horn, which in today’s day may not seem significant but sure was a stole the show back then. Nicknamed the ‘Princess’ the car stood testimony to this leading couple’s togetherness. And while the journey may have been what we watched out for, it’s the little things that made a difference, in this case a lover’s horn that attracted those far and near to the convertible.


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