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Devot Electric Motorcycle Debuts – 200 Km Range, 120 Kmph Top Speed

Jodhpur-based EV startup, DEVOT Motors unveils 9.5 KW electric bike with 200km range at Auto Expo 2023; 120 kmph top speed

Devot Electric Motorcycle
Devot Electric Motorcycle

DEVOT Motors, a Jodhpur-based EV start-up has unveiled its production-ready prototype electric motorcycle. This high-performance vehicle boasts a 9.5 KW motor, providing fast acceleration, reaching a maximum speed of 120 kmph. In addition, the bike can travel up to 200 kilometres on a single charge, making it suitable for both daily commuting and long outings.

Charging is also efficient, taking only 3 hours for a full charge. The electric motorcycle is designed to be practical, ideal for daily use and long trips. At first glance, Devot Electric Motorcycle appears to be a powerful, efficient and practical option for those looking for an eco-friendly mode of transportation.

New Devot Electric Motorcycle

DEVOT Motors has established its research and development (R&D) centre in the United Kingdom. And a development centre in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Following research in the UK, the company CEO brought product development to his hometown in Jodhpur. Thus forming an EV startup to give wings to the revolutionary 200 km range electric motorcycle project.

The to be launched Devot Electric Motorcycle boasts a clean retro design, complete with appealing paint options for the tank and side cover panels. With a target of 70-90 percent localization, the bike is expected to hit Indian roads mid 2023. This of course after homologation. Furthermore, by conducting market research, the company has identified customer likes and dislikes, and has tailored the bike to meet these preferences.

Devot Electric Motorcycle
Devot Electric Motorcycle

Comprehensive market research helped identifying customer preferences, prototyping, and endurance testing, Additionally, the company has also developed a strong supplier base to ensure smooth production of the bike. In addition to its powerful performance, DEVOT crafted the bike keeping environmental sustainability in mind. With lower emissions and low energy consumption, the EV bike is a greener alternative to conventional petroleum-based motorbikes.

Features, Battery Tech

Advanced features enhance rider convenience. Features include TFT Screen, Keyless system (on/off) with antitheft, and type 2 charging point. On the charging front, the smart charger has a 60 km range in an hour of charging. The smart interface brings to life its speed modes. Details for the same are unavailable now.

Devot Electric Motorcycle uses a Lithium LFP battery with low susceptibility to depth of discharge issues. With an onboard charger and charging protection, that’s all bases covered. The battery pack benefits from Smart Battery Management System (BMS).

Features also include temperature control and recharging via energy regeneration. Performance and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand with this EV bike. Low emissions and energy consumption make it a greener alternative to traditional motorbikes.

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