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Dhoom 3 spoof that wasn’t to be. Did we miss a bike chase?

About a week ago, AIB, an Indian comedy podcast uploaded a video on Youtube. The reason our attention was brought to it was the mention of Dhoom 3 and since BMW Motorrad’s K 1300 R and S 1000 RR play a role in the film, our attention was brought to it. That, and the fact that they chose to make a parody of ‘We Are Young’ by Fun.

It’ll now never be known if their Dhoom 3 spoof would include high speed Motorrad chases, but of course there’s no way of knowing now as AIB went on to explain events on Facebook with an update that read as follows, “Hey guys, a lot of you have requested us to upload the actual Dhoom 3 parody video. We’ve taken a call and decided not to. For one, it’s not as good as the current one (because we wrote it keeping in mind that it cannot be edgy otherwise YRF wouldn’t let us put it up, ironic in hindsight) but more importantly the point of making this video has been achieved. The idea was to get our message across to the industry. Thanks to you guys that’s happened. We’ve gotten calls from studios about the video etc etc. Besides, now with the context that’s been set for the spoof, it wouldn’t be as much fun now, would it? Thank you again, and we’ll be back with our next video soon! Hint: It’s about an issue our courts took a recent decision on.”

Their video asks questions about why Bollywood by and large is fussy about film spoofs and parodies, being quite the sour puss. The video has thus far gained 385,857 views, and while not a viral by any standard, it did manage to get a response from YRF on Youtube saying, ‘Cool stuff! Love the way they have taken our pants off! Unfortunately we couldn’t allow them to use the spoof that they are upset about because it went into messing around with the personal space of the actors which was not cool. Enjoy! And keep it coming!

To this AIB replied, “Thank you for appreciating the video though. Here’s an open offer: Lets do a response video. Together. Both of us. Then there’s no question of jokes personal or anything. C’mon. Be a sport. Also, no. We tried to avoid messing around in the personal space for actors. We offered to modify every joke that went into the script. You had full control.”

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