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Dhoom 3 trailer blooper: Yamaha R15 disguised as BMW S1000RR

The trailer shows Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan riding a yellow colored BMW S1000RR superbike. Uday and Abhi continue with their usual roles in the latest Dhoom movie, a superbike rider/agent and a cop respectively. So, in the trailer a particular scene shows them, what looks like beating the s%=# out of goons in a bazaar, riding on the same yellow S1000RR BMW and in the next scene this bike becomes something else, which looks more like a Yamaha R15.

They have tried to disguise the Yamaha 150cc bike which costs about Rs 1.2 lakh as a Rs 25 lakh BMW S1000RR. The changes are not visible if you are not going to look for it. But if you have a keen eye, you will watch it again, and again, and again. Just like we did. And then you will realize, that they have done something fishy. The two bikes are not same.

The yellow painted right headlamp of R15, to give it a circular shape as that of 1000RRs, the rear-view mirrors are different, the bulgy fuel tank with black and yellow thermocol coatings on the R15, the black colored suspensions of R15 against golden color of S1000RR, the front fairing, the side indicators, and the last one, black colored brake levers of R15 against silver colored levers in S1000RR.

Considering that this is an action scene, the producers probably wanted to save the BMW superbike from any uncalled damage, and so the Yamaha R15 disguised as a BMW S1000RR. You can watch the trailer for yourself below, the scene at 1:22 shows BMW superbike and the scene at 1:56 shows a Yamaha R15. Another one is why are they not wearing helmet? Considering that Bollywood actors  are knowingly/unknowingly promote what they do on-screen, we definitely don’t want to see them riding and performing bike stunts without a helmet. See if you can find any more bloopers. The movie is to be released on 10th Dec 2013.

Not related to the above, I do have a question, as I think it looks out of place when you try and carry out a high speed chase on a superbike with a pillion. We saw in Dhoom 2 that Abhishek Bachchan can ride a bike. If it is for the purpose of aiming and shooting, then you don’t need to ride as a pillion, Tom Cruise has shown us that in MI2. Please get Abhi a bike in Dhoom 4.

Special thanks to Nithesh Mangalore!

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