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DC Avanti is a supercar designed for Indian roads, takes 300 export orders

He mentioned a saying that although one dreams of buying a sports car when he is young, he can afford it only when he gets old. Wanting to change that, Dilip Chhabria developed the Avanti, which he describes as a gift many fathers will be able to give to sons when they come of age.

He envisioned DC Avanti to be the third or fourth car in a family, and made it as affordable as Rs. 40 lakhs (approximately), while managing to add several perks of a high-end sports car. Chhabria commented that price of Avanti would barely amount to the tax component of any international supercar.

Of course DC Avanti does not boast raw horse power to the tune of 500 bhp or the like, but Chhabria says it is not needed in India. He claims the 260 bhp DC Avanti will be as much fun, especially because no speed breaker in India will be able to stop this car (with 170 mm ground clearance).

While DC Avanti is set to create a new segment and bring immense joy to customers, Dilip Chhabria opened up to Economic Times about the worry, frustration, pain and risk he is going through to make the project a success.

Chhabria explained that all the time taken for investment, development and getting the car up and running, has kind of affected the perceived credibility of the company, which has put the project and personal life at great risk. DC Avanti is a product of about Rs. 125 crores investment. Engine has been sourced from Renault, France, who was reluctant at first.

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But the wheels are almost free from resistance now. DC Design’s Pune plant is producing around 500 Avanti sports cars this year, which is expected to be bumped up to 2,000 within four years. As of now, the company has received bookings for 450 units, of which 300 are export orders.

Via – Economic Times

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