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Dipa Karmakar returns BMW X1 presented by Sachin Tendulkar

In August last year, Sachin Tendulkar had presented a BMW X1 to Dipa Karmarkar for her winning performance at the Rio Olympics. However, the ace gymnast has opted to return this prized model to the original owner V Chamundeswaranath, President of Hyderabad Badminton Association.

Dipa cites a host of maintenance issues coupled with bad roads across her hometown in Agartala which makes it difficult for her to retain the car.

Dipa’s coach Bisheswar Nandi, has stated that the decision to return the car was not Dipa’s, but was a decision taken by her family and himself so as to allow Dipa to concentrate on the upcoming Challengers Cup in Germany.

She has been advised not to bear maintenance costs for the car. The fact that there is no BMW service dealership in Agartala is another reason for the decision to return the gift. Nandi has also spoken to the authorities at the Hyderabad Badminton Association about these problems being faced by Dipa in the maintenance of the car.

A new BMW X1 costs anywhere between INR 30-35 lakhs. Authorities finally agreed to Dipa’s plea, and decided to accept the car back. The car has now been taken back and in return, Dipa has been given INR 25 lakh. With this money, she has bought a Hyundai Elantra as there is a Hyundai service station in her home town.

via Hindustan Times