DMC arrives in New York with Lamborghini Gallardo Toro sports car (Photos)

German sports car designer and tuner, DMC offers a wide range of modifications for owners of Ferrari and Lamborghini cars. Offers include individualization as also interior and exterior options for owners of these cars. Based on customer feedback, its safe to assume that once your car has undergone modifications, its will be more defined and beautiful than the original.

Keeping up with the modern world and in order to cater to the North American market, DMC has opened a luxury tuning showroom in Manhattan, New York. DMC is a famous brand offering solutions for resellers and has been able to expand its network of sales channels mainly in the USA and Canada. Based on its previous work, DMC has a lot of experience which will help influence clientele both past and future as also bring together more dealerships in USA and Canada. The new showroom is located right within Manhattan Motorcars, which is the official Lamborghini dealer in NY.

At the showroom in NY, it can be seen that newer models will be given top preference. Gallardo ‘TORO’ (LP560) was brought into the dealership to help kick start the new venture. This car has undergone a number of modifications which have transformed it into an entire new mobility device. The car has been modified using industrial made carbon fiber and has been given a whole array of aerodynamic features.

Rear diffuser, rear spoiler, front lip and side skirts are some of the additions this car has seen which not only improve the looks but also provide a great deal of stability while on the road. Luxurious interiors designed using Italian leather and carbon fiber along with addition of a new titanium exhaust system by Titav engineering give this car a redefined and prestigious look.

Read the press release below for more information.


Auto News Release

DMC Germany opens “Lamborghini Tuning” Showroom in Manhattan New York.

NYC (USA), July 2012 – German luxury tuner DMC is enjoying strong exposure in the North American market, thanks to a growing number of dealers that seek to become authorized resellers. The company that has become famous for refining Italian Sport cars, has been able to set up a global network of sales channels, including many being based in  the USA and Canada. The new showroom is located at 11th Avenue, NYC’s prime location for luxury retailers of all kind. The hands-on experience that is made possible here, is set to create a great marketing exposure for past, current and future clients, and DMC’s dealers across the US and Canada.

Naturally, newer models will be given preference to make an appearance, and if you happen to be in NYC, make sure to come by to find out what’s currently on display. To kick off the new venture, DMC’s brought over it’s “Toro”, a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 that underwent heavy modifications by the German tuner. DMC equipeed the Stallion from St. Agata with the full load of aerodynamic components, all made of industry leading dry carbon fiber:

Front Lip, Side Skirts, Rear Diffuser and Rear Spoiler are not only creating a stylish apearance, but most importantly improve the car’s stability while being tamed on the road. Beautiful interiors render great looks in the cabin, while being made of the finest italian leathers and carbon fiber again. To complete the masterpiece, DMC added a new Titanium Exhaust System that was developed by Titav Engineering.

The showroom is located right within Manhattan Motorcars, who also happen to be the official Lamborghini Dealer. What greater sign of trust in DMC’s craftsmanship could one possible ask for? Make sure to contact DMC in Germany, Manhattan Motorcars in the US, or Lexim in Canada to schedule a visit, or to get contact details from DMC Tuning Partners near you.