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DMC Lamborghini Gallardo teddy bear edition for Valentine’s Day proposal

The Dalian giant teddy seemed quite content with its tuned DMC Lamborghini Aventador ride. For years trucks have been placed in front of binmen’s trucks in UK, until that became a lost trend. But the teddy seems to have gained favour in China, only it’s much bigger, and it seems they love Lambo’s.

Right on Valentine’s day, the following photos are here to spread cheer. Another teddy bear rode on a DMC Lamborghini Gallardo. The bull’s owner asked his girlfriend to marry him, and the spectacle attracted quite a few enthusiasts. The love story has progressed, and his girlfriend has accepted. She would have been as floored as we are. Seeing the Gallardo luggage space filled with rose petals, and an engagement ring nestled amidst, is nothing short of big box of happiness.

Certainly, teddy will continue playing an important role in the couple’s life having been witness to this very special Valentine’s day. Even last time around, it was difficult to guess why teddy needed to ride a Lambo, but its overload of cuteness must stand it in good stead. The Valentine special teddy made use of the moment to hang in with his bro for a photo opportunity, and kept the cold at bay by warming up on his Lamborghini engine seat.

It’s hard to guess what was the plan with this really big teddy bear, but it seems like this was the only way to transport it. In fact, it is so big that its legs were put on the engine hood, while its head is lying on the roof. The last time a teddy took a ride, it was on a limited edition SpezialVersion (SV) kitted DMC Lamborghini Aventador with special front and rear bumpers, and specific wheels. Orange continues to be the flavour with the Valentine’s teddy, and some of it has rubbed off on his nose.

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