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Rahul Roy’s The Factory is a documentary on Maruti Suzuki workers

Unionized disputes, violent clashes between workers and management, the death of Avnish Kumar Dev, GM of Human Resources and arrest of rivalling workers during the period 2011-13 cannot be forgotten. These sufferings have been brought to the fore in the latest documentary by Rahul Roy titled ‘The Factory’.

Rahul Roy’s documentary on Maruti Suzuki, ‘The Factory’ depicts the state of industrial unrest that Maruti Suzuki India Limited had to contend with and speaks of the struggle faced by arrested workers and their families. The film shooting started on July 18, 2013 just a year after the violent clashes between workers and management and death of Dev. The company alleged that Dev’s death was due to severe beatings and suffocation when his floor caught fire.

This resulted in Maruti Suzuki management relieving about 2,500 of their workers, including permanent workers. A total of 213 workers were charged with the murder of Dev, of which 147 were arrested. Later in March 2015, 79 workers were granted bail, while 68 workers continue to languish in jail, with dim hope of any justice.

The 132-minute documentary by filmmaker Rahul Roy titled ‘The Factory’, draws attention to the workers suffering and the endless court cases, anxieties and the trials faced by families of these imprisoned workers.

Rahul Roy’s ‘The Factory’ is only seen through the workers perspective as the company refused permission to Roy to shoot within the factory premises. The film is one among many funded by Justice Project which draws attention to political, social and economic conflicts across India.

Below are 3 minutes of the same documentary, featuring Sunil Kaushik – one of the dismissed workers, who is also managing the legal case. He talks about the shop floor culture employed by the company, which is possibly the reason behind the unrest and violence which shook the auto industry.

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