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DomiStrada by LLUVIA Industries – Adventure Kit for Bajaj Dominar 400

Now that’s a surprise! The entry-level performance/touring motorcycle market has just recently been evolving and we already have the accessories marking booming. There are companies that develop one product that fits all bikes, but in a total twist, there is LLUVIA Industries that has developed numerous products that fit just one. It may not seem like the brightest of moves to spend so much time designing and developing various products that target only a very narrow customer base, but it looks like they are going after reputation before business.


After launching over 12 exclusive accessories for the Bajaj Dominar, LLUVIA Industries has released a teaser of their flagship project, the DomiStrada Adventure Kit for Bajaj Dominar. The name is part Dominar part Multistrada, which is similar to Autologue’s DomiVel kit which is part Dominar part Diavel. This phenomenon suggests that Bajaj Auto took quite an inspiration from Ducati when the Dominar was on drawing-board level, as the transformation by the said third party companies seem to be well compatible with the original design of the bike.

While the DomiVel was purely cosmetic, the DomiStrada has a laundry list of functional add-ons for adventurous activities which is quite doubtful if Bajaj ever intended for the Dominar to be in the realm of.

All the accessories by LLUVIA Industries are said to be designed for function, then reworked for form. The Skid Plate, for instance, this one was the prototype designed to embrace the engine to divert the slush and muck.[/caption]

Unlike the usual approach of customisation, LLUVIA Industries already launched around 12 products which are a part of this DomiStrada kit, thereby encouraging their customers to start building their Dominar into this concept right away. This also gives them a peek into how their Dominar will look when the rest of the products get released.

The DomiStrada ADV kit comprises of the following accessories:
1. Handlebar Raisers
2. Radiator Guard
3. Exhaust Guard
4. Pillion backrest
5. Rider Backrest
6. Adjustable Windshield
7. Pannier Mount
8. Jerry Can Mount
9. Tourer Sprocket
10. Fog lamp Mount
11. Pillion Footrest
12. Bash Plate
13. Custom Brake Disc
14. Front Cowl
15. Half-Fairing
16. Fairing Guard
17. Engine Guard
18. Hand Guard
19. Luggage Rack (Carrier)
20. Aluminium Top Case
21. Spoke Wheel conversion kit
22. Off-Road Tyres
23. Rear Tyre Hugger
24. Hazard Flasher

Of which the first 12 are already on sale. In addition, some of their generic products like LuPod, Paddock Stand and GPS Tracker are compatible with the Bajaj Dominar. The real selling point for all these products is that they are all DIY. The company says that the products have been designed carefully not to hinder with the stock design, and there will be no cutting or welding necessary to fit any of them. All the required nuts and bolts are given along with the products, and they can be fitted on existing provisions on the Dominar.

If Bajaj were to launch an Adventure version of the Dominar, how different would it be from this?

LLUVIA Industries is also working on a Ground Clearance package, that comprises of an exhaust rerouting kit and a high-set skid plate. This would be suitable for Adventure Sports, like desert and deep slush rallies.

Courtesy: LLUVIA Industries Website | LLUVIA on Facebook

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