Do’s and Don’ts for Two Wheelers on busy Indian roads: Accidents in India on the rise

Two wheeler safety precautions need to be adhered to. There are some rules and regulations to be kept in mind while travelling on a two-wheeler.  Two wheeler traffic is increasing with each passing day.  Non adherence to a strict set of rules and regulations causes immense damage to life and limb and hence each and every rider should make it a point to comply with all rules and regulations laid down by the Traffic Department or Motor Vehicles Act.  This not only shows responsibility but maturity while at the same time ensuring that the driving experience is safe and a pleasure.

Helmets should be made compulsory. Helmets should be made absolutely mandatory and non-adherence to this rule should be punishable with heavy fines.  Helmets of ISI mark should be used by all two-wheeler riders as this is what will come to your aid in case of an accident however minor.  Saving the head from injury is of paramount importance.

Driving tests should be stringent. One should not take driving tests lightly.  Only mature and deserving persons who are responsible and of legal age should be issued licenses.  Children or youngsters without licenses should never be allowed to ride two wheelers even for a joy ride in the neighborhood.

Distractions should be avoided. Distractions such as talking on the phone, listening to music or talking to fellow passengers should be avoided at all costs. Never drink and drive. Drinking and driving should be definitely avoided at all costs while riding a two or four wheeler.

Stick to speed limits. Exceeding speed limits is something that most two wheeler riders seem to enjoy but do not realize the risks involved in the exuberance of youth or while trying to compete with other fellow riders.  Meaningless dares and showing off while on two wheelers are also the cause of breaking speed limits and besides endangering your own life you are also putting the lives of other innocent passersby at risk. 90% of accidents occur due to drivers not adhering to speed limits.

Lane driving is sane driving. Lane driving is not only for four wheelers and drivers of heavy vehicles.  Even if you are on a two wheeler, keeping to your own individual lane is of utmost importance in ensuring better flow of traffic and avoidance of traffic jams which results in frayed tempers and minor accidents.

Summing up the above it is necessary for the Government of the country to impose heavy fines for those breaking traffic rules, not wearing helmets, talking on the phone and drunk driving.  Once these higher fines and even a few months of imprisonment of offenders are imposed one will find that automatically people will ensure that they drive more responsibly and adhere to traffic rules and regulations in all circumstances.  Stricter policing and stricter rules will automatically make people wary of breaking any rules, over speeding or cutting lanes thus bringing down the number of accidents.