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Drayson Racing Formula E Team hunt for drivers for 2014 season

Drayson Racing will be asking motorsport fans all over the world to choose racers and technologies that they would like o see used during Formula E events. Ten teams from all over the world will be taking part in the inaugural race in 2014. Team Principal, Lord Drayson expressed his intention of appointing pro-level drivers as there was a lot of young talent that is waiting to be molded into professional Formula E race drivers.

He was also of the opinion that advances in technology will allow fans to take a more proactive role and benefits from a superb experience in Formula E. Wireless technologies; social networking platforms and smartphone technologies will be the key to offering fans an interactive experience. He stressed that by using these technologies fans would be able to get much needed insight into behind the scenes action and thereby provide suggestions pertaining to experiences and technologies that excite them the most during race events.

Lord Drayson said, “Currently, there is a very talented crop of quick racing drivers. Whether in F1, Le Mans, IndyCar or NASCAR, the growing number of highly talented drivers from all over the world means there’s never been a better time to find driver talent and we want to attract the best to be on the grid with us in 2014. We think there’s an opportunity for the fans to be closer to Formula E than any other series,” said Lord Drayson “so we’re taking their input very seriously. Which drivers do they like – and why?”

He added, “Contemporary social media, wireless and smartphone technologies will provide us with the means to offer a more interactive fan experience in Formula E.” added Lord Drayson. “Whether its “Tweet to Boost” or live streaming of real-time car and driver data, we want to know what the fans think are the best ways to use these technologies to develop a closer involvement with the team and its drivers. Our technology knowhow has provided us with a unique perspective on the potential of wi-fi and mobile technologies to enhance the fan experience. Now is the time to get the fans’ opinion on which applications excite them the most.”


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