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Drink driving and road congestion in Koregaon Park: Traffic Police work late into the night

Increase in number of vehicles on Indian roads and failure of drivers to follow rules and regulations are the main causes of accidents in India. Adding to this, the number of people who drink and drive pose a significant amount of danger to other commuters. Case statistics have shown that fatalities due to drunken driving have increased by 78%. Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is similar to drink and drive and is the root cause of most alcohol related accidents.

In order to make people understand the consequences of drinking and driving campaigns and events need to be organized to give people an insight about the bad effects of DUI. This should be implemented at the basic level wherein families and children are educated which in turn will have a far reaching impact on the world as a whole. People going for parties should appoint an alternative driver to drive back in case the driver drinks too much.

To stay sharp on the road, it’s a good habit to sip water and soft drinks instead of alcoholic drinks. Even if you have had a few drinks, you need to be well within the legal limits to drive. Safe or legal limits can be defined as the driver’s ability to react to an emergency situation properly and without hesitating. Educating the public will help reduce instances of DUI and in turn reduce accidents considerably. In Pune, the Koregaon Park, KP annexe, and Kalyani Nagar Bridge are has been identified as an area where increased incidents of drink and drive occur. Keeping in mind the number of pubs and restaurants in the area, police patrolling and checkpoints in the region have been optimized. Apart from DUI, instances of improper parking leading to traffic and road congestion has caught the attention of the local police force who are now towing away vehicles post midnight or locking wheels of cars (jammers) parked in non designated parking zones.

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