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Drive 1500kms each month and Dreamers Media pays 36 EMIs in exchange for advertising space

Dreamers media

Pune based advertising company, Dream Media and Advertising have come up with a novel arrangement that suits both new car buyers on a tight budget and caters to the company’s advertising demands at the same time. Through this new concept, the exteriors of all privately owned cars will carry advertisements in the form of Vinyl stickers printed with eco solvent inks.

Dreamers mediaThese will cover 40 to 60% of the external space of vehicle of all cars upto Rs 6 lakh. In turn the company will pay equated monthly installments on the car for a period of three years during a loan period of five years. Once this three year period comes to an end, advertising on the car exterior will be removed, and owners will have to take care of the balance two year’s EMIs.

However, the car in question should have road value of below Rs 6 lakhs while the owner will be responsible for making the 25% down payment of the car. The vehicle should have average running of 1500 kms per month. This form of Out of Home advertising is gaining in importance with people on the go, and with busy schedules that keep their lives hectic and with less time to watch television or read newspapers and magazines.


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