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Drive a car with your mind

In the future, you need not drive a car with your hands or legs. You can just sit and look at the road. We are not talking about Google’s driverless car, we are talking about a new technology which will allow you to control a car with your mind. Your hands need not open your cars door, you can just think about it and the door of your car will be ready to welcome you aboard.

On similar lines, A unique and one of a kind four rotor helicopter that works only on concentration has been designed and developed at China’s Zhejiang University. Here the user has to wear a headgear controlled by EEG – emotive electroencephalography which researchers claim will be all that it takes to guide the helicopter in whatever direction the user desires.

If the user wants to steer the helicopter to the left, right, straight take off or land all he needs to do is think extra hard, concentrate on the action and the helicopter will obey his thoughts to perfection. The EEC headgear sends commands to the flying machine through Bluetooth and laptop with the use of Wi-Fi connections. Besides this the user can keep a close up watch on the helicopter through his laptop as well.

Though specifically designed for users with disabled minds, this technology will also work equally efficiently for the able minded. If it can work in the air it can also work on ground level and this is what needs to be devised for running of cars solely on brain power. Steering car to left, right, start, stop, park and reverse, avoid a collision in an instant and speed or slow down can all be powered only by thinking which will be something that most car owners will be on the lookout for in the future.

BrainDriver – a mind controlled car


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