Crazy driver bangs Mercedes into Rolls Royce repeatedly – Video

A crazy (reportedly drunk) driver used his Mercedes ML SUV as a weapon to wreck havoc on an innocent navy blue Rolls Royce Ghost that was parked in what looks like a hotel potico in Qatar. The video clearly proves that it was no accident but a cold blooded devastation as the man driving the Merc kept running into the stately limousine repeatedly until security forces managed to get the better of him and dragged him out of the car.

He can be seen laughing, content with the damage he had inflicted, as he was being escorted by the security forces. The repeated blows resulted in expensive damages to both the Roller and the Merc SUV. The Ghost would need a new bumpers, fenders, doors, and taillight on the left hand side. The ML is due for new front bumper, bonnet, headlamps, grille, rear bumper and right side body panels and rear bumper. All in all, the crazy man’s antics ensured that the repair bills are expensive.

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Fortunately, the moron didn’t run over any anybody and the Rolls Royce was not occupied at that moment. Considering that people were running across in panic, the situation could have turned much worse if the security personnel didn’t intervene in time.

Rolls Royce Dawn – Photos

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