Driver jumps out of moving bus, causes 11 car pile-up in Delhi

Driving a large vehicle in a city during peak hours is not an easy task. The job is made even more difficult thanks to some two-wheeler riders who have no regard for lane discipline and cut through lanes, overtake from wrong side or without any indication. Such riding style increases the chances of accidents.

Recently in Southwest Delhi’s Bijwasan area near Kapashera, a bus driver hit a motorcycle from behind. The impact was such that the rider was thrown off the bike while the bike itself got lodged under the bus.

Driver jumps out of moving bus (7)

Fearing the worst, that he killed the motorcyclist, the bus driver decided to flee from the scene. But guess when he decided to flee? Before the bus can be stopped. Yes. The bus driver jumped out of the moving bus. What this resulted in was an epic 11 vehicle pile-up that blocked the street for half a day.

After the bus driver jumped out of the bus, the bus collided with a Maruti WagonR. The impact threw WagonR on the other side of the road, which then collided with cars coming from the other side. This left the WagonR in a badly mangled condition. Luckily, the driver WagonR had jumped out of the vehicle in the nick of time. Meanwhile, the driverless bus continued its run and created a pile-up.

Driver jumps out of moving bus (3)

As the incident occurred at 9 AM in the morning, the street was filled with people. Thanks to these people, those inside the pile-up cars were saved. Those injured were taken to nearby hospital. Luckily, no one died in this bizzarre incident. The cops have filed a case of negligent driving against the bus driver.


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