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Students develop app controlled driverless car for Border Security Force (Photos)

While the world was in awe of Google’s driverless car project that recently undertook a drive across the US, India’s own Dextra SMART has caused some excitement.

The prototype car being controlled by an smartphone app.

Two professors and 15 students from Amiraj College of Engineering have developed a driverless car called “Dextra SMART”. The college is located in Sanand, Gujarat; coincidentally the same town which is on its way to become Detroit of India.

Kaushal Jani and Nirav Desai, Assistant Professors at the college and their 15 students developed this new driverless car in a record breaking 28 days. The car (which is a Hyundai i10), without the interference of human hand can accelerate, steer and shift gears besides apply brakes all via an app based remote smartphone or laptop. The self driving car is fitted with high range cameras and sensors to detect obstructions in its path while communication is via a 3G wireless system.

Hyundai i10 was used as the dummy.

Displayed at the two day Dextra Tech-fest at Amiraj College of Engineering and Technology, the self driving five seater car is developed at a cost of INR 3 lakhs (apart from the cost of the car). It possesses a screen displaying its route while sensors allow the car’s computer to map its location and surroundings while 6 night vision cameras are in attendance to ensure that there are no accidents.

A duplicate gun loaded on to the roof of the car is also controlled via the smartphone app

This prototype driverless car claimed to reach speeds of 100 kmph autonomously. It utilizes 18 cost effective sensors and does away with all conventional controls that also includes a steering wheel. This particular prototype is specially developed for Border Security Force.

The team who developed the driverless car in a record time.
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