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Maruti Ciaz owner drives off with tyre clamps, arrested

tyre clamps

Challaned for wrong parking and tyre clamps on two wheels of his vehicle did not hold Chandigarh resident back from driving away.

Jaspal Singh, 26 of Chandigarh threw caution to the wind and blatantly ignored traffic regulations. Tyre clamps on two wheels of his Maruti Ciaz were no deterrent for Singh, as he coolly changed the clamped tyres with new ones, put clamped tyres into his boot and drove away from the scene of the crime.

The incident occurred at Plot Number 6, Phase-1, Industrial Area, Chandigarh. Jaspal Singh had parked his Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, CH-01-BB-2365 on the wrong side of the road which drew the attention of the local police. The cops put clamps on two of the tyres but this did not stop Singh from driving away. Each clamp costs about INR 2,500.

However, Singh did not go far. The law got the better of him and he has been arrested and his car has been impounded. The Industrial Area Police Station has registered case against Singh under Section 379 (theft) of Indian Penal Code and Sections 122 and 177 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, while he has a lot of explaining to do for his impulsive actions.

This is not the first such instance in the region as earlier this year, in February; Gagan Joshi of Sector 22 broke the tyre clamps and drove off. Joshi had parked his car PB-01-A-5630 in front of Sector 43 ISBT gate. He returned later to find tyre clamps on the front tyres. He changed one of the tyres with a spare one and threw the other clamp away after breaking it with the help of a jack. He was also arrested and charged under Section 379 of IPC and 3 of Prevention of Public Property Act 1984 at Sector 36 police station.


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  • Net Troll

    Yay Chandigarh! Just proves that people in North do take pride in breaking rules.

    • Kirti Solanki

      You are so educated mate. Keep up the good work, North and South. You must be from Europe.

      • Net Troll

        I’m just a law abiding Indian that hates the idiots who become serial killers on wheels just because they can easily escape by flashing their VIP status or commonly known as “Tu Jaanta Hai Main Kon Hu”. I’m sure you have never driven in North else you might have not tried your feeble attempt at sarcasm.

        • Kirti Solanki

          Mate, I’ve Rideen from Leh in the North , till Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu and what you are saying is just a stereotype which you are being fed on your couch while watching some third grade news channel. Stop saying North South , Hindu Muslims. People can do a lot better. Nobody with a sane mind takes pride in breaking the law. Stop generalising. It was just a sarcasm directed at some racial, “feeble” minded net troll doll.

          • Net Troll

            Did I happen to mention that I am from North itself, my dear self proclaimed rider aka Mr. Pompous Pants. Nowhere did I mention Hindu/Muslim and I don’t give a damn where or what you have ridden just that someday you may become road crayon due to some AHole driver cutting or hitting you off because he may be drinking/overspeeding while driving and yes many guys in Delhi drink while driving. There is no religion/caste required to become Aholes neither location, yet I can only complain of places where I ride/drive daily and not of places where I rarely visit.