17 yr old drives Lamborghini to school and records reaction of classmates

Ever driven a Lamborghini to school filled with kids?

Crowd lined up to see this super car. It was not in the most likely of surroundings as it was in a high school campus where its owner chose to show off. Courtesy JR Garage YouTube channel, this video displaying the exclusive jet black Lamborghini Gallardo has been cynosure of all attention while some spectators were seen going into a frenzy as it revved up the engine.

The Lamborghini Gallardo saw the kids turn cartwheels while the heard its engine being revved up while some were seen taking photos of themselves in its interiors while in awe of its style, comfort and premium red upholstery.

Well their excitement was short-lived as the driver was eager to get the Gallardo back to where it belonged. The driver, who also runs a successful business enterprise, is the owner of many such prized possessions. He has been instrumental in making many such videos while behind the wheel of an assortment of supercars and appeals to the viewers to like, comment and offer their feedback on these videos.