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How about driving on water for 1001 feet? (Video)

driving on water for 1001 feet

Driving on water? Is that even possible? Well, yes. That’s absolutely possible. How? Heard of hydroplaning or aquaplaning? No? Surely you have experienced it while driving or riding.

driving on water for 1001 feetWhile driving or riding at high speed, when you encounter a patch of water on the road, your car or bike has actually lost traction from the road, and is now travelling on water. This is hydroplaning.

Now, imagine a 1600 hp motor powered vehicle (Jeep Buggy), with fat wide tyres going all out on a water body. That’s exactly what Gudbjørn Grimsson has done, and in doing so, he has created a world record of driving on water for 1001 feet (305.1 meters).

Watch the video below, and please don’t try this yourself, unless you are a pro or ready to drown with your vehicle!


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Sagar Patel

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