Dreaming to buy a luxury car – Here is how Droom Services can help you

“Bittuji Ji Beemer” video shows ways in which customers can avail their dream car.

A recent video released by Droom, India’s first and largest online marketplace to buy and sell used vehicles, shows how easy it is for buyers to avail pre-owned vehicles. Dreams of owning a vehicle, saving up for one and getting a used car within ones budget is sometimes a difficult task. ‘Bittuji ki Beemer’ shows off one such dreamer who aspires for a car but is left running from pillar to post in his quest for a reliable used vehicle until he discovers Droom.

Bittu shows how Droom comes to the rescue offering buyers pre-owned vehicles in their area complying to their specific demands, budget, year and model. Droom’s Orange Book Value service allows users to find the right car based on their demands. Watch the video below.

Droom History offers a detailed analysis of the car just by entering its registration number. All information with regard to blacklist details, theft history, insurance, hypothecation etc can be got which will ensure that the buyer makes the right choice.

Droom ECO is an expert inspection service wherein trained technicians conduct a 121 point check on the vehicle rating the vehicle on a scale of 1-10. This report is then submitted to the buyer with photos of the car in question.

Finally, Droom Credit enables the buyer to get a loan for the purchase without lengthy procedures and a pile of paper work.