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Drunk woman driving Audi kills worker on road, says sorry

Aishwarya Wilton

The woman who was driving the car has been recognized as 26 yr old Aishwarya Wilton Rulans.

A 54-year-old daily wage worker in Chennai’s Rajiv Gandhi Salai, OMR, lost his life early on Saturday morning due to the negligence of a 26 yr old woman, who is now recognized as Aishwarya Wilton (seen in the image above).

The victim was later identified as K.Muniswamy, who lived just across the road, with his two children, boy (16) and girl (11), and wife. That fateful Saturday morning, Muniswamy left home at 4 AM. At 4:30 AM he was killed by a speeding Audi car.

Neighbours say Muniswamy was a hard working man who was also the sole earner in the family.

Neighbours say Muniswamy was a hard working man who was also the sole earner in the family.

An engineering graduate, Aishwarya works at DLF real estate company. After partying with friends on Friday night, she decided to head to Sholinganallur. Driving her Audi, two more of her friends (Soni Jain and Sushma) joined her in the car.

Muniswamy’s colleagues, who witnessed the accident, say that the car was being driven very fast. What is even more sad is that the car did not attempt to break even after hitting Muniswamy. The car only stopped when local Municipal sweepers in the area cornered the car that Aishwarya stopped the car.

Audi kills worker

Not even able to stand, Aishwarya and her two female friends were brought to the accident spot. Having flung 15 feet into the air, Muniswamy had already died. With his wife and children sitting on the road, Aishwarya managed to say sorry to them. Soon cops arrived and she was taken into custody along with her two friends.

Resident of Chetpet, Aishwarya is the daughter of Wilton Rulans, a top insurance surveyor. She is currently in judicial custody. A case has been filed under Section 304 (2) of the Indian Penal Code, culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Audi driver drunk kills worker

According to VS Suresh, an advocate who specializes in motor accident cases, this is a non-bailable offence. Aishwarya could face jail term up to 10 years. But, he also adds, rarely have people been punished that long. (Remember Mumbai’s drunk female lawyer who rammed Audi into a taxi, killing two people? Not only she was given bail, but she also has regained her driving license.)

Govindamma, wife of Muniswamy, sitting with her children. She says she wants justice.

Govindamma, wife of Muniswamy, sitting with her children. She says she wants justice.

Govindammal looked worried about her children’s future. “We were able to run the household only with what he brought home. He was a very hard-working man, and devoted all his time and energy to educating our children. I don’t know what I am going to do now,” she cried clutching her daughter’s hand.

Why is it so difficult to understand one small thing – Do not drink and drive. Period.

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        • The funniest story of recent times is of a fat women who was caught for drunk n driving and to evade from police she locked herself in her i10 car for 2 hours,the police had to break the window to get inside and take her out,she was using abusive language and chased a reporter…The video is there on youtube.Its so funny.Most disgusting part is that she was let off easily.our judicial system you know! !!

          • People need to learn to value and respect the rules, even if they aren’t being enforced by the Government… Responsible citizens maketh a good nation

          • But in india,there is lot of corruption,mismanagement,lack of safety for women,in equality on education,linguistic issues and so many..india is in a mess and but here people feels we have the best culture and tradition,But wheres the west who follows and adapts new things everyday are much ahead in terms of everything…..

          • That’s where self-responsibility come into picture… If people have that feeling it could be a better place to live….

          • I do see a slight improvement in the minds of youngsters,they are indeed becoming more open and broad minded but at the same have political and manipulative minds..There are lot of examples for that.its like its all a part of life…Chalta hai attitude 😉

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