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DSK Hyosung outlet in Ahmadabad catches fire, close shave for Benelli showroom

DSK Hyosung Benelli showroom fire Ahmadabad (2)

A fire erupted at DSK Hyosung’s Ahmadabad showroom yesterday afternoon, resulting in severe damage to property but it was doused before things got out of hand.

Ahmadabad’s DSK Hyosung outlet located at Memnagar suffered a fire accident yesterday afternoon at about 12:45 pm.┬áThe cause of the fire is not clear but a short circuit compounded by negligence is suspected.

DSK Hyosung Benelli showroom fire Ahmadabad (4)

The DSK dealership has Hyosung and Benelli sections separated only by a glass wall but fortunately, the fire was put off before it progressed to the adjacent section. In terms of damage, 3-4 Hyosung motorcycles including a GTR650, Aquila 250 and a GT650N were partially affected (mildly burnt rubber components and seats) whereas the roof, walls and flooring of the showroom have been badly burnt.

DSK Hyosung Benelli showroom fire Ahmadabad (3)

Fire was doused before it spread to Benelli section of the showroom which is separated by means of a glass wall.

Save for the deposition of black soot on the signature DSK Benelli board, there were no damages to the section where the Italian sportsbikes were displayed. The outlet’s Hyosung and Benelli inventory too have luckily survived as firefighters reached the scene in time.

DSK Hyosung Benelli showroom fire Ahmadabad (11)

A few Hyosung bikes were partially damaged.

Though a dealership of this value would be insured against such mishaps, the accident is sure to have an impact on the delivery time of both Benelli and Hyosung motorcycles in Ahmadabad region. Extensive damage to the interior also would lead to closure of at least the Hyosung section of the outlet for a few days until it’s fully restored.


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