Dubai police to install sophisticated camera system to monitor traffic violators

Dubai police are all set to tighten the grip on traffic violators with a sophisticated camera system that is dubbed as supervisor. The system which will be installed in 70 locations across the city will look for traffic offenses such as not following lane markings and intersection rules, over speeding, hard shoulder driving, and other similar violations.

If a violation is deducted, the camera system will automatically photograph the vehicle, identify its color, make, registration number and record the nature of violation in the police database without any human intervention. The officials say that the system is very accurate and will go a long way in avoiding protests and complaints against the penalization.

BMW i8 Dubai police

The system is also designed to be on the look out for wanted vehicles and notify the command centre immediately if it finds one. The details of wanted vehicle and its exact location will be relayed to the nearest patrolling cars so that they can seize it.

The automated system is expected to make drivers follow rules strictly in the long term and reduce human resource required to monitor traffic and enforce the law. It will take several years before such a system becomes feasible in India. As a step in the right direction, India has recently increased the severity of penalties for traffic offenses.

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