Ducati and Shell Lubricants come together to celebrate World Ducati Week, a road trip from Dubai to Italy

When Ducati and Shell Lubricants join hands for an event you have a feeling it’s going to be out of the ordinary. And that’s what the World Ducati week is expected to be. Photo journalist and motorcycle enthusiast Sundeep Gajjar from India got on a Ducati MultiStrada on May 19 2012 and will ride across seven countries to reach Italy for the World Ducati Week on June 22.

Founder of India’s largest motorcycle community, Sundeep will ride his bike through Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Slovenia to reach Italy. The event is sponsored by Shell, leader in finished lubricants. Shell Advance Ultra is a fully finished lubricant that is recommended for superbikes.

Shell the world leader in advanced oils and lubricants is running an exciting campaign called ‘Will Your Lucky Key Unlock a Ducati’. This campaign gives customers an opportunity to win a Ducati Monster 795 along with 12 other bikes and gifts. Customers have to buy a Shell Advance AX 1 liter pack or 900ml pack to give themselves an opportunity at winning the superbike. The contest is valid till June 30, 2012.

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Mission Red Planet for the World Ducati Week sponsored By Shell Lubricants

Shell Lubricants, the global market share leader in finished lubricants has come together with Ducati Corse for the World Ducati Week. This is a road trip from Dubai to Italy where, Sundeep Gajjar, a motorcycle photo-journalist from India, rides a Ducati MultiStrada across seven countries to reach the World Ducati Week in Italy. It is sponsored by Shell Advance, the motorcycle oils with RCE technology that gives your bike the responsiveness you can hear. This ride was flagged off in Dubai on 19th May 2012 among much fanfare.

Sundeep is a photographer and founder of India’s largest motorcycling community and is travelling through Iran, then cross Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovenia to reach World Ducati Week 2012 in Italy on 22nd June.

Once Shell Advance enters the bike, the biker is all set for an enjoyable ride. Shell Advance Ultra is a fully synthetic 10W 40 formulation which is recommended by Ducati for any bike in its portfolio. This is the same oil that keeps many Ducatis around the world running at their peak performance. Shell is the main sponsor of this ride.

The technical partnership between Shell and Ducati Corse, a subsidiary of Ducati that deals with the firm’s involvement in motorcycle racing, is a strategic relationship in which both parties embrace product development. The programme is extensive, covering technical support and consultation, plus product development and provision of tailored Shell Advance racing lubricants and Shell V-Power racing fuel. This technical partnership has been developed over the past 11 years and has become one of the strongest within the motorcycle world having produced six World Superbike Riders’ Titles and nine Manufacturers’ Titles. In 2003 Shell joined Ducati in the pinnacle of two-wheeled motorsport racing, MotoGP, and in 2007 gained their first Riders’ World Championship, the first time a non-Japanese manufacturer had won for 33 years. At the core of this relationship lies a common passion for technology.

Shell Lubricants, is running a unique and exciting campaign exclusively for its customers with its range of motorcycle oils Shell Advance. “Will your lucky key unlock a Ducati”, the Shell Advance promotion offers a never before opportunity to its customers to win a Ducati Monster 795 , along with a host of other gifts on offer are 12 other bikes to grab. To qualify, customers need to purchase a pack of Shell Advance AX5 (900 ml or 1L). This offer is valid till 30th June, 2012.

World Ducati Week is a natural extension to the “Will your lucky key unlock a Ducati” campaign which was a path-breaking initiative as no brand in this category has ever offered a Ducati Monster 795 or 12 other bikes as a part of promotional campaigns.